Live Targets Cost Not Much More: AK-47 Shooting Range (Lviv, Ukraine)

I first saw this tourist thrill in Tallinn: come spend over 100 euro and shoot all these guns that you’ve seen in the movies like the AK-47, the cowboy’s Smith & Wesson, James Bond’s Golden Gun, the rapper’s Glock pistol, and some big fakin US military automatic assault rifle.

The Notorious AK-47, built by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947. Imagine if he built it in ’41

I’m not into guns or anything but this sounds like something I would try once just for the sake of my inner video-game addict twelve year-old self.

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Higher than High: The Search for High Castle (Lviv, Ukraine)

Adventure strikes the fearsome, investigative duo again. A simple enough plan turned ridiculous in the early afternoon heat. Follow the convenient tourists signs scattered throughout Lviv and make it up the city’s mountain to their main attraction, the High Castle.


Lviv’s High Castle

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