Crazy People Run This Parliament (Tallinn, Estonia)

I overlooked a great tidbit of information about Estonian politicians when writing my previous post about Estonia.

Estonian politicians played crazy.

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Everybody Must Get Stoned…or for my many Quebecois/Estonian friends: Eesti Callise (Tallinn, Estonia)

So I borrowed this post’s title from one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs, and one of the best Quebecois idioms. Not that it really applies much to what will follow. I wasn’t cursing when I arrived in Tallinn, though it was pouring rain and I got drenched the moment I got off the pier. I didn’t get stoned either in Estonia, nor did I find Tallinn to be backwards like, you know, something from the Stone Age. (Ok,that was forcing it).

Like I said, it was raining pretty hard when I got off the ferry from Helsinki. It was wet, cold and grey. I was thrilled! This is what I thought my first visit to the Baltic’s should be like. A miserable chill to the atmosphere, suffering. Suffering, but not in vain. This is what freedom earned through perseverance, non-violence, and endured captivity must look like.

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