Canadian Hockey Fans Boring? Maybe Compared to the Swiss (Langnau, Switzerland)

I’m from Canada – no, scratch that, I’m from Montreal; the birthplace of the NHL, the home of the legendary and practically mythical Habs, and the heart, though at times it seems to be hooked up to a defibrillator, of the great sport of hockey.

So, when I met a woman in Switzerland named Lena at a party near the capital Bern who turned out to be a true puckhead, I was naturally charmed. That is, of course, until she started bad-mouthing Canadian hockey fans as boring.

Lena saw games in both Toronto and Montreal. Obviously, I thought, she was generalizing about her experience of the rich suits in the best seats at the ACC.

Nope. Montreal too. 

It’s so quiet. Everyone is just sitting around. In Switzerland it’s a party.

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