Bolivian Tap Water

If you’ve enjoyed some of my content over the years then you have to check out my first published novella titled: Bolivian Tap Water.

If traveling was as glorified and easy like they said it would be, this book wouldn’t be hitting your bookshelves. Bolivian Tap Water is a travel experience with its raw, in your face reality that you won’t find on your instagram feed. You’ll join Sean through his misadventures in Bolivia where you’ll laugh, cry and maybe even puke a little in your mouth.

Buy it directly from me, and I’ll write you something nice inside. Thanks so much!

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Bolivian Tap Water (International) €15.00
Signed copy of the first print edition. Very exclusive. It includes international shipping.

Bolivian Tap Water (North America) $15.00
Printed copy shipped from Canada

Bolivian Tap Water (e-book version) €5.00
Formatted in pdf and epub.

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