Baltics to Balkans: 11 countries in 6 weeks (Eastern Europe)

Where does the time go? I’ve been cruising down Eastern Europe these past six weeks in a trip that was both dreamt of for many years, and spontaneously executed. It even has a title: From the Balkans to Baltics and Back. And as I crossed the Bosphorus and landed on the Anatolian shore of Istanbul, this dream trip came to an end.

The idea was conceived in Bosnia, Sarajevo, over five years ago. To be perfectly honest: I love the sound of it. Balkans, Baltic, and Back.

Sarajevo was my first real venture to the east, as Croatia is very Mediterranean, especially the Dalmatia coast, and the Czech Republic and Prague is something more in between the rest of Eastern and Western Europe (maybe, Central Europe?).

But alas, this trip didn’t start in the Balkans. It started in Russia and ended in Istanbul. None the less: Baltics and Back to the Balkans. See what I did there? Who says dreams can’t adapt and be flexible?

So over the next month I will be releasing three stories per week based on the adventures, anecdotes, and strange observations and curious impressions experienced along this path. The map gives a teaser of some of the potenial settings and destinations of these stories.

Tomorrow, I will begin with a tale from the real East, Siberia, the prelude to this adventure. And be sure to follow my blog as to not miss out on any of the fun!

2 thoughts on “Baltics to Balkans: 11 countries in 6 weeks (Eastern Europe)

    • Unfortunately, a draw back of speeding through countries a such a pace is that often I only got to visit one place. I’d love to check out more of Finland, especially the north, even in winter. Thanks for the links and for commenting!

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